Our top tips to get your home organised

We all know the feeling… there is never enough space! we have put together some of our top hacks to tackle your clutter (in every part of your home). 


Whether you have a small or large entryway, shelf pegs are the perfect way to gain some extra storage. Not only is this a great place to store coats and bags but you can style these beautifully with small décor items, hanging baskets, flowers to name a few.

Bench Seating

We absolutely love this bench seating with integrated storage – the perfect place to store the kid’s toys, dining table accessories etc.


Kitchen Storage

Our top tip when it comes to kitchen storage is to use the walls. Think wall shelves and racks where you can!

Bathroom Storage

This clever mirror with a built-in hidden shelf is an aesthetic yet functional way of creating more space within your bathroom.

Pet Food

Rather than grabbing the food from a large kibble bag, use a dog jar to store the food. This particular one is from Oliver Bonas.

Feeling inspired by these ideas but are unsure on how to incorporate them into your own home? Enquire now to see how we can curate your dream space.

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The Old House – Latest Project

With Interior Design, it can take some time before we can photoshoot a project & it’s finally complete. This can be due to a wide range of factors, the main one currently is the lead times and delays from manufacturers, which I know many people are experiencing too.

Nether the less, one of our favourite projects has recently completed and photographed. This project, was particularly fun! The clients wanted to move in before Christmas (2020) and wanted to decorate three of the main areas properly, while “white washing” the rest of the property so it was liveable. So we did just that and I will let the photos do the rest of the work for this Blog post.

Enjoy xx

Before Photos

After Photos

E-Design – Making Our Interior Design Services Available Digitally

Alice Molloy Interiors are happy to announce our newest service – E-Design! Our newest offering allows us to provide our interior design services digitally, which means less time waiting around, and reaching the desired results sooner!

E-Design – Our Story

For a while now at Alice Molloy Interiors, we have been catering for clients within Essex, Hertfordshire and London, and are proud to have happy clients receiving our top-quality service throughout. We have received enquiries to provide interior design services outside of these counties and seems to be increasing over time. Due to the location of such clients, it has brought about some challenges, sometimes resulting in delaying projects. We were not happy about these consequences, and we wanted to make sure that such clients were missing out on the top-quality service we provide to our nearby clients, thus E-Design was born!

Now that we are in the online age where the world is connected no matter the location, we felt that technology is advanced to the point we can confidently deliver our full service digitally.

How Does E-Design Benefit Everyone?

E-Design can be considered similar to our traditional approach, but most of the stages will be online-based. This means that meetings/consultations, design concepts, shopping lists, and design packs will be handled digitally. One of the main advantages of this approach is saving time. Scheduling face-to-face meetings and going back-and-forth with changes adds on time to the deadline, meaning you may wait longer until you have the desired design. With this E-Design approach, meetings can be scheduled much sooner, provide designs digitally, receive and act on feedback easily, and provide the end-result in a nice and tidy electronic pack.

We are confident that we can provide a great digital service as you’d expect from our traditional approach. Ready to start your E-Design journey? Great! Read more information about our E-Design service and select a package that suits you best. Have any questions about our new service? Send us an enquiry, and we will be happy to provide you with answers. Prefer face-to-face interactions and want to know more about our traditional approach? No problem! Check out our traditional project lifecycle.

Spring/Summer ’22 Trends

Spring/Summer ’22 Trends

With Spring and Summer almost among us, we have put together the trends to expect for these seasons. Emotional wellbeing is at the forefront of S/S trends, according to the leading trend forecasters WGSN. In light of this, we will see colours and materials designed to boost our mood.


In Spring we shall expect to see soft tones, particularly dark blue tones to connect us to nature contrasted with warm peachy/gold tones. Dulux has named ‘Bright Skies’ as its Colour of The Year 2022, a light and calming tone. In Summer, joyful colours will take over our homes, including sunny yellows and pastel pink and lilac.

From Uprise Art
Colourful Homes
From Uprise Art


In terms of design, the pandemic will continue to have a powerful influence on Interior Design. The importance of function is seen to continue throughout this year, with the home providing a work, social and safe space. 


Linear stripes play a large role in the pattern trends for S/S. Such patterns will be seen across both digital and painterly forms. 


Sustainability continues to be an ever-growing trend and 2022 is no difference. There will be a focus on materials, with homeowners selecting products from responsible companies.  

Feeling inspired by the latest trends? Enquire now to see how we can curate your dream space.

Love – Alice Molloy Interiors

2021 Home Design Trends Wrapped

With the whirlwind year that was 2021, many changes have been made in the ways we live our lives. And one place that we’ve seen those changes happen is within the home. From turning spare bedrooms into multipurpose rooms to bringing in natural elements like plants into our spaces, 2021 has brought many unique design trends that are sure to stick – and some that may go away within the next couple of years.

As we look back on 2021, we reached out to experts from Kensington, MD to Kelowna, BC, and Alice Molloy Interiors, UK. To give us 21 design trends and help us reflect on the best and worst design trends from last year. So sit back and enjoy 2021 design trends wrapped.

1. Defined living spaces were key

Covid has made our clients take a deeper look into how they live and use spaces in 2021, leading to investments in areas normally overlooked like laundry rooms, offices, and playrooms. Open floor plans are being replaced by defined living spaces that have a purpose, especially introverts who need their space. – Sarah Randolph, Principal Designer, Randolph Interior Design

Sarah Randolph, Principal Designer, Randolph Interior Design

2. Lighting sources became more intentional

When planning lighting for entertaining in your home, remember that the most flattering light comes from around, not above you. It’s important to place lamps around the room, rather than depend on can lights in the ceiling, as they can throw harsh shadows. And be sure to use low-wattage bulbs in your lamps for a soft ambiance. – Jan Kyle Design

We all know lighting is a necessity in any room of our house, but rather than choosing fixtures based on their function alone, use it as an opportunity to show who you are or to allow lighting to speak your story. Fixtures can be elegant, delicate, sleek, or mind-boggling sources of light with character and visual interest. Let your personality and your style shine with well-curated lighting. – Christopher Michiels Interiors

3. Engineered wood floors have come a long way

In 2021 it has been easy to fall into the trap of “wood look” flooring with unnatural shades and finishes (tile planks and LVP mostly). We always encourage clients to take another look and consider engineered wood flooring. It’s the same price in many cases, looks timeless, and has come a long way in terms of durability. – Het Hout Interiors

4. Bold colors and unique patterns took center stage

Neutrals always have a place in our hearts and are a total classic. However, we are also seeing more and more requests for bold colors or patterns. People want uniquely curated homes. – Laura Fox

5. Patchwork has emerged

A trend that we saw was patchwork. From the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute’s exhibit, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, to Insta star Amanda Cutter Brook’s shop in The Cotswolds, to the David Lauren presenting a collection of clothing inspired by the artisans of the Gee’s Bend Collective in Alabama – homespun patchwork is an old-timey style equivalent of “comfort food” in trying times. – Cielo Home

Cielo Home

6. Multi-use spaces defined 2021

Remote working is due to continue, therefore the need for more permanent work from home spaces. Ideal for those without a lot of space, the trend is all about blurring the boundaries between areas. This can be achieved by using separating doors, or by using multi-purpose furniture and accessories. – Alice Molloy Interiors

Alice Molloy Interiors – Takeley Project

Making the most out of every space is key these days. Turn that extra room into a multi-use space with transformational furniture and hidden pocket doors and creative storage space – office, guest bedroom, yoga studio, and media room all in one. – Coates Design

7. 2021 was all about biophilia

One word – green! I noticed that clients were asking for and incorporating lots more house plants into their spaces. Plants help alleviate stress and anxiety and purify the air. Who wouldn’t benefit from less stress? Especially with the year we just had. The color green is also trending in color forecasting. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have selected a shade of sage green as their color of the year for 2022. – Primrose Interior Design

8. Care for the environment played a role in home design

A major design trend we saw in 2021 focused on reducing waste and saving the planet. Spending more time in our homes than ever before had people reworking and redesigning their environments. Supply chain issues due to the pandemic made it difficult to purchase new items. As a result, many people chose to reuse, recycle and repurpose their existing furniture, or purchase pre-owned furniture locally to redecorate. Recycling, repurposing, and restoring older pieces and giving them a new updated look and life is sustainable, eco-friendly, and a wonderful trend that will most likely continue. – Melissa Mack, Om In The Home

9. Moody tones set the scene in home offices

Using moody tones in home offices was something we saw a lot of in 2021. Everyone wanted a space that felt different from their “home”, so there could be a mindset and energy shift when they walked into the space to be their best professional self. It was fun to partner with clients on this journey because it allowed them to feel empowered during this time of uncertainty. – Sara Lynn Brennan, CEO/Principal Designer at Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors

10. Custom rooms have become more common

In 2021, we have become focused on the importance of creating a lifestyle sanctuary at home where everything we need is at our fingertips without ever having to leave the safety of our house. Sumptuous spas, personalized bowling alleys, movie theatres, and tricked-out kitchens and bars belong to the Lori Morris curated design experience as we continue to create the perfect, individual refuge for each of our clients, brimming with beautifully appointed spaces, luxurious comforts, and personalized amenities. – Lori Morris

Lori Morris

11. Nature and natural elements inspired

Our 2021 interiors were inspired by nature and familiarity in all of its forms: from warm tones and tactile surfaces, to soft shapes, plants, and even familiar cooking and retro cocktails. Combining familiar pieces that have special meaning, with innovative new ones to arouse inspiration brings authenticity to a space, with a timely twist. Using natural materials such as quartzite and eco brass, give a depth of dimension to an interior palette. Surfaces that develop their own patina create a narrative that is unique to each space. – Concept DCF

12. LED lights continue to be popular

With the rising popularity of industrial/vintage style over the past few years, the Edison light bulb with its visible filaments and warm amber glow, took up residence in everything from caged pendants to exposed bulb table lamps. While we will continue to see the traditional amber bulb, LEDs, with their range of white light colors, will be the more popular filament visible bulb choice and will be seen in fixtures beyond that of industrial/vintage styles. – Niki VanEch, VanEch Studio

13. Accent pieces and glassware added unique details

Transparent details have been capturing the attention of anyone who enters a room this past year. Accents such as glass pendant lighting to acrylic furniture pieces add beautiful light reflecting flare to any space. Continuing to grow in popularity – They’re here to stay. – Holly Volpe of HV Design Group

14. There was a focus on organic forms and curves

The popular trend for this past year has been going with organic, round forms where the curves are stellar for every season. This design style can be found in tables, sofas, pillows, and in art/accessories-making this trend organic and bold. – Wilfredo Emanuel Designs

15. Layering materials brought sophistication

Layering materials, whether with wallpaper, lighting or art will add comfort and sophistication. Combining contemporary ideas with classic designs will add depth and interest to your home. – Cigal Kaplan Interiors

16. Millwork added architectural detail

A popular design trend we have been loving is millwork. As designers, we always think of ways to enhance the interior architecture of a space. Millwork has been around for decades to really bring character into the home. Whether that be a floor-to-ceiling slat wood panel or a statement ceiling in a dining room, these wood details add a layer of richness to the interior that sets their space apart from the homes around them. – Kim Layne Interiors

17. Marble continues to be in, but too much can ruin a room

Marble is an exquisite surface when handled with restraint. I hope the maximalist and tacky trend to sheath entire rooms in it goes away soon. Less is more. – Shapiro Joyal Studio

18. There was a greater emphasis on coziness

As the Dutch say, “gezelligtijd kent geen tijd,” which roughly translates into, “you can never get enough coziness.” 2021 was all about creating the snuggle – warm, tranquil, and cocooning were big buzzwords, and designers delivered with soft, rich fabrics, plush upholstery, warm woods, and colors that ranged from calming neutrals to cheery citrus to contemplatively dark jewels. – White Webb

19. Opulent spaces have emerged

With the craziness of 2021, individuals are still working from home and we have found people are craving more of a transitional and traditional interior. High-end contemporary design will always be significant; however, clients are beginning to crave homier, more opulent space(s) instead of a stark environment. – Paxton Place Design

20. Sentimental pieces added a unique touch

Think about incorporating at least one piece of furniture or accessory that has some history or family sentiment. If not, find one and identify with it. – Rise Krag

21. Pops of color will never go out of style

Let’s talk about design trends that can go away for 2021 as we drift into 2022 – Beige, I’d rather never see it again. While it can be a practical color, I’d stick with a greige color before going straight beige. On that note, I’m never sick of gray as a neutral, there are so many great ones out there like Agreeable Gray. Pops of color as well should never go out of style. In my work as a Feng shui Designer, we are always using color. – Rumble Interiors

Originally published on Redfin.com

Christmas 2021 Trends

Last Christmas seeing many had to stay at home, it is no wonder many of us are extremely excited for Christmas. If you’re already thinking about Christmas, then see below for our top high-street picks. From H&M Home, The White Company to West Elm, we have selected a range of décor items for all budgets.

A Sustainable Christmas

As you can see, a large trend we are seeing is the emphasis on DIY and an abundance of paper, homemade decorations. Sustainability is an ever-growing trend, with Google searches for ‘sustainable Christmas’ being up 117% over the past five years. From recyclable wrapping paper to eco-friendly décor items, there are many ways of ‘going green’ this Christmas.

A Neutral Theme

With neutral colour schemes storming the Interior Trends of the seasons this year, Christmas is no different. It’s no surprise that the best Christmas décor is the one which is in line with your existing colour schemes. As seen in the items 4 and 9, neutral Christmas décor items are on trend this year. Think natural wooden details, neutral fabrics and white, grey and navy tones.

Snow Mountain

Create a winter wonderland with these calm frosted schemes. To add depth and texture, add layers of white to create a snowy festive feel. We absolutely love this scheme shown in image 8 styled by John Lewis. 

Luxe Gold

Golds, marble and glass storm this look, creating a luxury home. This décor works perfectly against dark feature walls, think dark blues, purples and green. 

Feeling excited by the latest Christmas trends? Enquire now to see how we can curate your dream space.

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Links to Items

Design London ’21

The week began with the launch party at Magazine London. Showcasing a highly curated selection of brands, the launch celebrated the creativity and innovation that the design industry has to offer.

For us, the lighting was a particular highlight of the show, demonstrating the language and power of light. Studio29 created an innovative, interactive design, allowing everyone to get involved and take the installation for a spin. The middle image shows Haberdashery’s award-winning lighting. Contemporary and abstract, ‘Flux’ had a rain-like effect which evoked a sense of calm wonder. Lastly, FritzFryer demonstrated their beautiful collection of bold yet understated lighting. The wall light wall featured the wide range of fittings and shades the company has to offer.

Located at the beautiful Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, the next day was the start of FOCUS/21. ‘Connect, Converse, Create’, Focus represented an optimistic new chapter. With 120 showrooms, everywhere you turned featured uplifting colour, pattern, tactile materials and innovative discovery. 

A particular highlight of mine was the Design Workshop – The English Home, Town or Country? Hosted by Moschino, Stockhausen and Salverson, the talk focused on the impact of Covid on Interior Design and our homes. In light of the pandemic, we see more and more people moving to the country. There was a particular focus on function and maximising every room and space, uncovering the differences in individuals’ needs between country and city homes. 

They also discussed the future of interior design, with ‘Broken Plan’ becoming increasingly in demand. This is seen due to the impact of Covid on our homes, meaning we now use our home as a place of work, rest and exercise.  

Arte, a showroom situated in Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, was also a highlight of the show. Arte is a designer and manufacture of wall coverings. Sophisticated and tactile, the gorgeous wallpapers were reminiscent of paintings and extremely inspiring.

To see more of Design Week, see our Instagram page with our latest reel showing all our photos and videos from the week.

Jade Jimmieson,

Junior Interior Designer

Top Trends for Autumn 2021

Alice Molloy Interiors - Autumn Colour Ways

The arrival of September means one thing at Alice Molloy Interiors… autumnal trends. This season, we see more and more emphasis on comfort, function and bringing our natural environment indoors.  Here, find the seven trends which will be huge for the next season. 


Over the past 18 months, our homes have had to completely adapt to our needs. Remote working is due to continue, therefore the need for more permanent work from home spaces. Ideal for those without a lot of space, the trend is all about blurring the boundaries between areas. This can be achieved using separating doors through to using multi-purpose furniture and accessorises.

Image – Pinterest


Biophilic Design is all about bringing the natural environment indoors. With individuals spending much of their time inside, it’s important to bring nature to our interior space. As well as being aesthetic, Biophilic Design has been shown to boost mood, reduce feelings of stress and encourage concentration. An easy and effective way to bring this design to your home is through indoor houseplants. With it boosting concentration, think about upgrading your home office with a little bit of life.


This A/W is all about making the most out of your home, including beautifully styled curated corners. This is a chance to bring out all your favourite décor items, making your home look like a real-life magazine.

2021 trends
Image – Pinterest


Organic, natural materials play a key part this Autumn, with materials such as concrete, exposed brick and rattan adding depth to homes. Have a neutral-themed home? Layering up various textures and shades within a set colour palette creates depth and comfort.


At Alice Molloy Interiors we love to see the increasing importance on sustainability each season. There will be a continued focus on ethical practices and eco-conscious materials. 


In reference to Biophilic Design, shades of green are in this Autumn, bringing nature indoors through colour. The images below show Farrow and Balls colour of the year, Sap Green and WGSN Spring Green. 


This trend is all about blending the old and the new. Think about blending timeless wooden furniture with you latest marble pieces. 

Feeling inspired by the latest trends? Enquire now to see how we can curate your dream space.

Jade Jimmieson,

Junior Interior Designer

Creating the perfect Work from Home Space

Despite the lockdown restrictions more or less completely easing, it seems that for most, our usual work environment won’t ever fully be the same again. With the majority of people either working from home full or part-time, its increasingly important to create an inspiring office space. 

Whether it’s a dedicated room, a small study space to a garden room, continue reading to see our top tips!


Consider the best location for your office, considering the nature of your role alongside your home environment. For example, if you work whilst looking after your children, opt for a multi-functional space where you can keep an eye on your kids. It’s important to think where you will spend most of your time during the day and start from there. Contrarily, if you need a quiet space where you can focus by yourself, an office room may be best for your situation.


The key to making a successful office is selecting both a functional and aesthetic desk and chair. In terms of desk, select a shape and style suited to the room. If, for example, you have a massive spare room which can be converted, why not make a statement by having one centred in the room. If you are utilising a small corner, opt for a desk with integrated storage to reduce clutter. This will, aesthetically, allow the desk area to seamlessly flow with the rest of the room without taking over the space.

Home office Image from
Alice Molloy Interiors – Rutland Gardens

Ensure to match your chair with the rest of the room and don’t be afraid to go for something bolder. If you have a job where you’ll be sitting for hours, its especially important to invest in a comfortable chair which can swivel and adjust to your needs. 


Often those with small spaces steer away from making an office space due to reduced room. Be creative and think of places where you could incorporate a desk area- think hallways, landings etc. We love this creative office area below, using a desk shelf to create a workspace.

Image from Pinterest


Colour is proven to have an effect on our mood and wellbeing. Whilst there are tones known to stimulate the imagination, colour is personal to each individual. Reflect on which shades make you feel motivated, whilst not selecting something too bright which could become distracting.

Image from
Cocolapine Design


Storage is key to creating a stress-free, motivating environment. If you have the space, use shelves and drawers to create desk storage, this allows for both concealed storage and decorative items. This image here is a perfect example of maximising storage to create a functional yet aesthetic design.

Desk storage – Image from
Jessica Elizabeth Interiors

Are you interested in creating an inspiring office space? Enquire now, and we will be happy to discuss how to. 

Jade Jimmieson,

Junior Interior Designer at Alice Molloy Interiors

Designing with Neutrals Guide

Lavinge House

Neutral tones are an effective way to create a classic, contemporary home. Contrary to popular belief, neutral design isn’t as easy as it looks. Key features including texture, shape and hues are crucial to creating a successful space. If done correctly, such schemes can be anything but boring. Don’t worry, we are about to delve into how to do this…


When working with neutrals, it’s important to add pops of colour throughout the space to bring it to life. If you’re not feeling brave, these can be achieved through cushions, décor items etc. The image above demonstrates this perfectly, whereby the beautiful blues contrast with soft, neutral tones. Such a backdrop, utilising neutral flooring, wall details and furniture, allows the blues to stand out.


Texture is key when designing with neutrals, adding depth and character. Not only this, but it avoids a room from looking flat. As seen below, even though the room is predominately all cream and black tones, the use of soft furnishings (linen, velvet) contrasted with glass, gold and silver creates an exciting space.


Select furniture and architecture with shapes and patterns which add further depth to a neutral scheme. Characterised by solely browns and beige tones, the below image shows how this colour palette can be far from boring…


Another key feature is to play around with different shades and tones. This room below works so well due to the subtle variations in tones. The slight contrast between the walls and sofa allows the furniture to stand out. 


Black accents always have a place in a neutral home. Integrating these tones throughout a space creates a statement whilst encouraging the eye to move around the room. 


Another way of keeping a space interesting is through selecting unique and unusual furniture. In the design below, the abstract sofa instantly draws the eye and creates a statement.

Send us an enquiry to see how we can help make the most out of your home.

Jade Jimmieson,

Junior Interior Designer.

Making the Most Out of a Small Space

Whether you live in a small flat or want to get more out of a tiny room, these design ideas will help you to achieve a functional, aesthetic space. Maximising storage whilst utilising your square footage is key in this process. 

Play with Scale

Typically, people assume that a small space equates to even smaller furniture. On the contrary, a select few larger pieces can really create a statement. The key here is to keep it minimal, having fewer items in the room. Why not look at a large statement sofa…

Large sofas & key items can help you play with scale
Large sofas & key items can help you play with scale


Lighting is a fundamental part of designing a successful small space. Typically, in small areas we see fewer windows, creating a dark atmosphere. To counteract this, add beautiful lamps and pendants to create a cosy feel & warm lighting. In the kitchen and bathroom, opt for strip lighting under your wall units and worktops to open up the space. 


 Mirrors are an effective way of making a room feel open and bigger, whilst adding character and beauty to a space. From creating a gallery wall of mirrored shapes and sizes, to a large leaning mirror, you can design to suit your own style! In reference to lighting, try placing the mirror on opposing walls to your windows, allowing for the light to reflect. 

Large mirrors create a focal point & bounce the light around
Large mirrors create a focal point & bounce the light around


When it comes to colour, neutral tones are an effective way of opening an area. Stick to a limited colour palette and maintain this throughout your space to keep it from looking cluttered.

Concealed Storage

Nothing makes a room feel smaller than clutter everywhere. Opt for integrated storage throughout, from built-in kitchen appliances through to fitted wardrobes. When it comes to selecting furniture, find furnishings which boast storage. Ottoman beds, storage benches and sofa beds are great examples of multi-functional pieces.

Keep the Floor Clear

Opt for floating pieces and wall lights to allow for an open space. When it comes to the living area, mounting your TV is an easy and effective way of space saving. 

Dining Tables

When it comes to the dining area, opt for a small, round table which can be extended. This is a great way of saving space whilst still having the capacity for when friends and family come over!

Need some help with putting these principles into practice? We are happy to help! Simply send us an enquiry and we will get back to you!

Jade Jimmieson,

Junior Designer at Alice Molloy Interiors.

Designer For a Day – A Service for Your Designer Needs

Alice Molloy Interiors turns 3 today, and to celebrate, we are excited to announce our new service – Designer for a Day! A service that helps with all your designer needs, where we can solely focus on your needs for an entire day, undisturbed.

How It All Began

Our team have been rushed off our feet over the past few months, but we noticed a pattern with the influx of projects. We had enquiries about potential clients requiring partial designs, floorplans and ideas, advice on finishes and furnishings, and more. We thought to ourselves “there must be something we can do to give them undivided attention to complete these loose ends of theirs”. Originally, we tried to fit in some of these loose ends whilst working on full projects, but it seemed like it was a bad approach as we only helped whenever we had time. This was not a good long-term solution, so we decided to take a different approach. We wanted to be able to deliver a full service to all clients and making sure that no matter what we are working on, everyone gets a top-quality service.

This is where we came up with the idea “Designer for a Day”, providing you with a professional to be by your side undisturbed for an entire day, assisting with your needs and leaving you satisfied with the result. Our new service will primarily cover the following:

  • Conversations in-person, over the phone and email
  • On-site appointments
  • Detailed layouts, finishes, floor plans, furnishings, placements, paint colour selection, prices, and installation
  • Advising on specific room designs
  • Review estimations and quotes
  • Liaise and meet with trades and vendors

If your needs fit into any of these options, or you have something different in mind that requires professional advice, send us a Designer for a Day request now!

The First Week in the Next Chapter of my Life – Interior Design Industry

Business at Alice Molloy Interiors is growing and as a result we have decided to start working with a Free-Lancer and guide her into the Interior Design industry. Jade, approached us a while back but we didn’t have anything for her at that time. A few weeks ago, she called again and I liked how she wasn’t giving up on her dream, so I decided to meet up with her. This is a quick piece from Jade.

“I felt as though a change was needed for a while.

Rewind 9 months, I was offered my first full-time position since graduating from university. After 4 months of applying to countless jobs, I felt that I had to take the first position I was offered and that I should be grateful for what I could get (especially during Covid times). Whilst it wasn’t what I wanted to do, I panicked. 

Fast forward to now and I have handed in my notice and I’ve NEVER felt happier! Miserable every day at work, I felt I was slowly losing my fun and creative self. I had a realisation and thought that if I don’t go for it now, I never will.

I have always had a passion for interiors. It’s crazy to think that the things I do for fun, creating moodboards, researching trends, working to new briefs and designing could become more than a hobby.

Last week, I met with Alice Molloy, an Interior Designer. This was my first meeting with someone in the Interior Design world and I was very nervous (after all my degree was in Textile Design and what if I’m too inexperienced). A few minutes in, I soon felt confident and completely inspired by the business that Alice had created. 

After our coffee, we went on site to one of her latest projects with Essex Cosmetics. It’s a beautiful clinic which literally felt like a manor house, with its timeless and traditional features. It was so insightful to get witness a day in the life and how decisions were being made. 

I feel extremely grateful to say that as off this week, I will be working on a freelance basis with Alice Molloy Interiors.  

Stay tuned…

Jade Jimmieson – Alice Molloy Interiors Ltd.

Keep an eye out for Jades work on our IG!

End of Winter, and hopefully end of Lockdown soon!

Winter is finally ending, and the UK has received some hopeful news! According to PM Boris Johnson, there will be several stages to come out of lockdown and if all goes well, regain our freedom by 21st June 2021!

Many people have used this news to start planning their summer and their gardens for outdoor gatherings, but there are some people that are skeptical about the 21st of June 2021, and who can blame them? All we can do for now is hope that each stage of coming out of lockdown goes smoothly.

Businesses have taken this news quite well and started preparing for summer events, including festivals and expos. However, we at Alice Molloy Interiors have had our hands full almost non-stop to start planning anything for the summer, but we are extremely excited to have society return to normal!

For those that are not completely in the loop about England’s stages of coming out of lockdown, here’s a quick summary:

Stage 1

  • 8th March 2021: Children returning to school and families/social bubbles can go out for exercise and recreational activities (or with one person from another household)
  • 29th March 2021: outdoor gatherings (including private gardens) of up to six people or two households permitted, and outdoor sports facilities are to reopen

Stage 2

  • 12th April 2021 at the earliest: non-retail, personal care, public buildings, indoor leisure facilities and most outdoor attractions are to reopen

Stage 3

  • 17th May 2021 at the earliest: ease of restrictions on social contact, but no more than thirty people in a single gathering, and most businesses to reopen

Stage 4

  • 21st June 2021 at the earliest: almost all lockdown rules to be lifted (including social contact), however large gatherings will still be monitored and may be a little while until all rules are lifted

Now, what does this mean for most of us? Well, to start off, we can start having small gatherings in our gardens from the 29th of March! Even though we are still quite a while away from regaining full freedom, we can at least jazz up the garden and have a good time with a few close people. So, until the time comes when we can start thinking about going abroad, or attending events throughout the summer, get ready to send out a few invites, clean up the tables and chairs, prepare your snacks and drinks, and finally have a fun reunion!

Need some help with making your garden ready for guests? We are happy to help! Simply send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

January Blues and Lockdown 3.0. Let’s share some joyful stories to brighten up the start of 2021

January is often know as “January Blues” after all the fun & build up of the Christmas holidays comes to a crashing end! Many people had high hopes for 2021, but instead it looks like to be more of the same as we have been put back into a National Lockdown!

Parents are back at home juggling work and home schooling, no mixing of households or seeing family. Talks of this lasting until early Spring, it is no wonder that we are all feeling a bit down in the dumps! Lets face it, it was ok during summer when we could go sit in a field all afternoon, catching some rays and drinking cider with that one other friend… but I can’t see many people doing that now *Burrr*

So with all this in mind, here at Alice Molloy Interiors, we want to try spread some joy around, to brighten up the start of 2021. You’re probably thinking how… Here is what we are going to do!
We are running a competition, with a prize worth over £100! However not the usual like, share, comment. We want YOU to share any joyful stories, successful or good news that you have had during any of the three lockdowns. You can do this by going to our post on Instagram or leave a comment below (comments will need to go through a review being published). All of the instructions on how to enter will be posted on Instagram and in a comment below. We will then go through the stories/comments/news and pick a winner. The lucky winner will receive:

1) A Candle from Luxdeco

2) A choice of two cushions from our shop (any size & design)

This will be running until 22nd January and the winner will be announced on 29th January on our Instagram so make sure you are following!

We cant wait to start hearing some of the stories & comments!


Alice x

How to Enter:

  1. Tell us a joyful story, success or anything good that has happened to you or someone you know during any of the Lockdowns. Either comment below or on our Instagram post.
  2. Head over to our IG, follow us & like the post.
  3. Tag anyone in the post, who you think has a joyful story to share!


You must still be following us when we come to announce the winner, if we pick a winner and they are not following us, we will choose another.
It will close at 5pm 22nd January and we shall contact the winner via IG or email depending which platform they posted the story on.

Christmas Cancelled…?

Well, well, well… is Christmas Cancelled? I have to be honest, I haven’t been very active on social media recently with all going on and since the latest update from good old Boris (tier4), I wasn’t sure to publish this blog post. But here it is…

Christmas this year will certainly be a lot different, especially for the people who are now in Tier 4. Trying to put a spin on it, we have to try and think of how good we will make next Christmas. Someone said to me today that after the 1918 pandemic (The Spanish flu) … came the roaring 20’s where everyone got dressed up and lived every moment to the fullest! We shall have to do the same & more!

Here at Alice Molloy Interiors, we want to personally thank everyone who has supported us over the last year, with the current times, it is certainly a blessing to have work & I am personally ever grateful to have a growing client base. With that being said, we have now successfully launched our Cushion Range which are all hand-made within the UK, are now available to buy from our shop, some are limited edition, once they are gone, they are gone!

Lastly if any one is thinking of hiring Interior Design services but not too such what exactly we do or how we could help, we have a downloadable PDF available which will explain more, please click here.

Nobody can really “cancel Christmas”, this year is different and not necessarily fun for some, but the true spirit still lies beneath. If you can and are reading this, lets be grateful that we have made it through this crazy year & are here celebrating this Christmas!



Another Website Redesign That We Hope You Will Love!

Yes! Another website redesign, but why? Well, over the past couple of months we have received feedback on improvements and we started to have a think about whether the website was worth constantly updating, or should we try something new. The team looked into the number of issues the site had and decided to go for a redesign.

When we came to this decision, the first thing we thought about was whether to retain some of the original design or not. Although we were happy with the design, it didn’t really make our work stand out too well, so we thought “If we are going to redesign the site, let’s go all out and change everything!”, and so we did.

Our main objectives for the site were the following:

  • Simplicity and minimalism
  • Let our work do the talking
  • Improve the overall user experience

Redesign Simplicity and Minimalism

One issue we had with our previous design was how much content we tried to put on a page, especially our home page!

Old design – quite an overwhelming home page!

There was a lot going on within the page, and didn’t really feel like it was helping users understand what we’re trying to deliver: what we do and let our work do the talking.

When we discussed our goals, we realised that we are doing too much and we should simply follow a well-known motto, “Less is More”.

The new site is now focused on keeping things simple. No more using up all of the white space, and not to fit too much in to a section on a given page.

New design – less clutter throughout

Let Our Work Do The Talking

Although wanting simplicity and minimalism is all well and good, execution can be challenging. Usually when showing off a portfolio, imagery is enough for users to understand the message it is trying to deliver.

So back to the drawing board we went. We had a look at our gallery and realised that they send a clear message, so maybe we don’t need to do much to help them become more noticeable. Our previous design did allow for images to be a focus point, but there were areas that they were being cut off, or were clashing with other images, not allowing them to show off in all its glory.

Old design – home page projects were cramped
old design – portfolio top image only showing part of the room

Now we feel like we have done better and can showcase our work, without projects clashing with each other and not being cut off.

New design – home page now displays our projects without being cut off, and a new spotlight area!
New design – Clearer images without being cut off!

Improve The Overall User Experience

Two hurdles cleared, now for the big one! Making sure users can navigate around the site and clearly defined areas. One thing we noticed with the previous design was that the top of almost every page looked a bit of a mess and didn’t really explain well the page a user was on. We initially thought about giving pages as much colour as we thought, but to keep in line with our redesign goals, we decided to take a step back and provide a more simple intro section.

Old design – intro section with an image, breadcrumb and headings underneath

We are very proud of what we were able to accomplish with this, as we were really focused on keeping everything consistent for the site and for our users.

New design – Consistent introduction section

WE have also made refinements and additions throughout the site. Hopefully our users can find their way around with ease.


We had a lot to say for a website redesign! But we are proud of what we have done, and wanted to talk about it with our readers. We want to thank our users for providing feedback on our site and helped us with rebuilding it, we couldn’t do it without you!

Stay tuned, as we have more news to share with you! You can keep up to date on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Speak to you soon.



Why you should consider furniture layout before electrical

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why there are two plug sockets on an empty wall? Or why there is a cable trailing across the room leading to a table lamp? We sure have… too many times to count!

When you’re doing a full house renovation or extension, most people think about the furniture last once the rest of the space is designed. Which is when, you realise you actually needed a socket here, or a light there.

This is where, if you work backwards it can be very beneficial in your design process. So you have your shell designed of the empty space, if you find the optimal layout (a layout that works so well in the room/s that you wont need to change it). You can then see exactly where that table lamp will go, you may even see that you need floor boxes, if you want a side table next to a formal sofa with a table lamp on. This can also help with the full lighting plan, to ensure there are no spooky dark spots in your home!

Example draft electrical plan – Alice Molloy Interiors.

The image above is a draft electrical plan for a current project, most people will just see loads of lines and no idea what is going on, but it will help you plan. It could also stop any unexpected extra work for the builders/electricians. So one of our top tips, is always work backwards!

Sorry its been a while since our last post! Hopefully won’t leave it so long, and a Christmas blog will be on the cards…

Speak Soon



Newsletter and our latest projects – September 2020

TL;DR: We have added a Newsletter feature to the website, and have a few potential upcoming projects and current projects underway!

It has been a very busy week here at Alice Molloy Interiors, and we’d like to share with our readers what has been going on!

  1. Full house extension & renovation, drawing by Alexander Gemini. Construction underway.
  2. Loft conversion in Takeley.
  3. Full house extension & renovation. Construction underway (close up)
  4. Full house extension & renovation. Construction underway (whole house view).
  5. Potential new client, FF&E project (look at that ceiling!).
  6. Snagging underway at our Chelsea project. Then time to photograph!!
  7. Full house fit out, ready for Christmas move in!
  8. Room by Room service, renovating media room in this photo.

In other news, we have decided to start our own Newsletter! There are numerous channels to keep readers in the loop and some readers may have a favourite method, such as Facebook or Instagram. We thought about what we are currently providing to our viewers, and we have come to the decision that adding a newsletter channel will be beneficial, as it is a common form of providing a digest of events happening at a company.

Some people may see this as another item to clutter their inbox, so let’s break down what we will provide in our newsletters:

  • Projects we are working on
  • Any business updates at Alice Molloy Interiors
  • New products and promotions on our website
  • Guest bloggers wanting to share some posts on our website

All we require from our subscribers is their email address, and we will not be sending your details to any other outside business except our mailing platform. We also have no plans to send you emails for any other purpose than the reasons previously listed. Should we decide to make any changes, you will be given plenty of notice of the changes, with the option to opt-out.

There will be plenty more updates coming, and we promise to keep you in the loop.

If you’re interested in using our services, send us an enquiry!

Speak to you soon, and hope you have a great weekend!

New website and what we have been up to!

We are back! Lockdown is now lifting and things are getting back to the very much new ‘normal’. Here at Alice Molloy Interiors, things have taken off with a bang, so we thought, we would run through some of the updates & what we have been up to while in lockdown.

If you read our blog post back in May “Impact of Lockdown for myself & the Business” you will remember that it was rollercoaster of emotions, however mainly panic. We launched our online-services, where we collaborated with a Fine Art company to bring inspirational colour schemes, throughout the main lockdown, and will continue to run.

Moving forward 3 months, we have a new website with all the familiar areas such as our project lifecycle, our Developments and Private Clients projects, as well as the latest news, but with a refreshed design. One of our new additions to the site is the online shop. This will feature one off pieces we believe our clients will love. You can also download our online brochure & find out more about our services and what we can provide for you.

As well as having a refreshed website, we have been busy with a few projects. We have completed three flats, one for our Airbnb client down in Margate, and the other we have installed & completed two girls bedrooms in Buckhurst Hill. The best update is that we have signed three new jobs within the last month, along with our Chigwell project build starting at the beginning of September. With the Watford build still continuing and our Chelsea project should be getting photographed soon.

We certainly have a lot going-on and can’t wait to show you. So here are a few snaps of the recently completed projects.

The Developments and Private Clients pages will be updated over the next week with the full images and info on the completed & up-coming projects!

Enjoy the new website & speak with you soon!

Simple Biophilic Design

Simple Biophilic Design

Being stuck within the same four walls isn’t good for anyone! Given the recent times, I thought carrying on from my last blog post.

A quick overview of Biophilic Design, as I am sure some of you have no idea what it is (like me up until a few months ago). Biophilic Design is a concept used to increased occupant connectivity to the natural environment, through the use of direct natures, indirect nature and the space/place conditions.

Incorporating this type of design into your living space**, has been found to have the following effects:

> Reduce fatigue by 38%

> Reduce depression by 58%

> Reduced anxiety & tension by 18%

> Wellbeing increased by 13%

> Homes could see price increase between 4-5%

> Increased learning rates 20-25% (could be useful if you are still or continuing to home school).

**some studies where done in a workplace environment**

With all of the benefits, why would you not bring some form of the design practice into your home?

You can also start small & work up to big changes, here are 5 ways how you can start small!

1) Buy some plants –

No not faux flowers/plants, pop to a garden centre & buy some air purifying plants. Nurture them & watch them grow. This is a key element, caring for them is part of the process, you get to see them transform and can start to be a very relaxing part of your weekly routine.

2) De-Clutter (Feng Shui)

Can’t stress the importance of this enough, as I have mentioned this several times in other blogs. Having clutter around your home is also keeping clutter in your mind (fuelling the stress, anxiety). Be ruthless if I haven’t used or worn something in 6-8 months it goes!

3) Natural light

The same as when we are outdoors in the sunshine (depending on the weather, of course), it makes us feel so much better! Try to spend as much time as possible in the room with the most natural light, if this isn’t possible or you don’t have much natural light, then create it! I know you are thinking “well then it’s not natural light!”, but it will have a similar effect. Table & floor lamps to create a relaxed mood.

4) Scent

The way our space smells will have an effect on you! If you don’t like candles or strong scents, I would go for a small defuser or an electric defuser (so you can turn it off.) You can choose scents to enhance or even change your mood:

Uplifting: Rosemary – this is the perfect Monday morning pick-me-up. In addition to improving memory retention, rosemary has stimulating properties that fight physical exhaustion, headaches and mental fatigue.

Calming: Jasmine – Like lavender, jasmine it is also used to calm nerves, but this oil is also commonly used as an anti-depressant.

5) Fresh air or Air circulation

Real simple one, open the windows & get the air circulation around your environment. During this hot weather, this is pretty easy. In winter however people would be less inclined. However I would still highly recommend doing so, crack them open slightly, create a flow of air & if it is cold stick on a jump to get cosy (along with some candles!).

These are only scratching the surface of how to implement some Biophilic Design elements to your living environment. There are actually 12 in depth elements to this design movement, which I am still learning.

We can create an environment within our homes, that benefits us enormously and this is just the start!

For more information on ,Biophilic Design – please go and watch my

Speak soon & hope some of you make these small changes!





Impact of Lockdown for myself & the business!

Impact of Lockdown for myself & the business!

As the Lockdown of 2020 is becoming the new normal, even with some restrictions starting to lift or plans for them to be lifted. This blog is going to be a quick insight into the roller coster of highs and many lows during this time for a small business owner like me and what has changed.

For those who have read my blogs before (firstly, thank you!), secondly, you will know that I haven’t been running my business for long and will be coming up to two years very soon. Not surprisingly the result of locking down felt like it would have dramatic impact on my business. I was due to do a photoshoot on our Chelsea project the week of lockdown, a install for two girls bedrooms at the end of March, not to mention the several projects we were tendering for which all came to a halt. All of our work had stopped overnight!

It felt like everything I had built up to this point, was going to come crashing down all around me. I considered getting a temp job at Tesco’s or somewhere. However to me, that was giving up on my business & my dream, my mind was saying one thing, while my heart was saying another!

It was time to “Pivot & Adapt” to suit the current times, despite if it would be temporary or a change that will last, it will help in the long run.

To me wellness and wellbeing are huge, during this time I found myself needing it more. The need to get fresh air more, connect to nature, feel grounded, feel the sunlight on my skin, hear the birds tweet in the woods nearby. Then it click, I wanted to try and help/reach everyone who wanted to create more wellness within their homes during this time.

Alice Molloy Interiors also then launched some online services, which has taken our most popular services and made them available to anyone who has  a computer!

We have teamed up with a Fine Art Photography company – Treacle Art to bring inspirational colour schemes.

Within a space of a few weeks, I feel so focused on bringing wellness/joy to people’s homes to help everyone get through this time. This isn’t forever, its a change and I needed to take a step back in order to see what was needed in order to change along with the tide, instead of getting washed away.

To anyone reading this with a small business, don’t give up, take a step back, time to relax and the solutions will come to you. All it takes sometimes is seeing it from a different perspective.

Until next time…


Alice Molloy


Blog on the Vlog!

Hey Everyone,

I do hope you are all safe and well, during these times. I am sure the lockdown is starting to take it’s toll on some people by now (like, does anyone know what day it is?). Although the more we stick with staying at home, hopefully the sooner we can get back to “normal“, it’s in inverted commas, as not to sure if it will ever be 100% the way it used to be?

Cov-Normal = our new normal.

Anyway, some of you may have already seen that I have started a

We are all stuck indoors, looking at the same four walls, with not a lot to do. I have already seen loads of people taking the time to spring clean & declutter (including two clients of mine). The number of people visiting A&E with eye related accidents due to DIY has increased, according to the BBC (as of yesterday 12th April).

So the reason for me starting the Vlog is rather simple…

To inspire & help people while stuck indoors, with tips/tricks/hacks from me! This is going to be more of a personal adventure, rather than a business one.

These Vlogs’ will vary dramatically and won’t only be Interior Design related, so if you’re interested, its best you subscribe so you don’t miss a upload. The latest one, is a Arts & Crafts video, using toilet roll inner’s. Seeing that some people stocked up on toilet roll, I am trying to bring a bit of humour into it all. This one can be done with the kids, once you have stocked up on the inners (you will need 10).

In some (most) of video’s I will be including tips, tricks and hacks for your home. I have already done one, which is 12 ways to increase relaxation & calmness into your home. As lets face it, will all need a bit of extra relaxation currently!

If anyone has any Interior Dilemma’s, that they are facing during this lockdown.

Keep home & Keep well,



Best ways to work from home!

During these hard & crazy times, we have been asked to stay at home when/where possible. Come today, many of the schools are closing, bars & restaurants are struggling to keep open. So if you have been asked to work from home by your employer, what are the best ways to do it?

I have worked from home for the majority of my career as an Interior Designer, when I first started with the company back in London, I did have an office down in Shoreditch, however this was soon replaced with me working from home. To me – I don’t really know any different. Now one thing, I don’t have any children, so I’m not sure how some of your are going to juggle this but I am more than willing to throw in some suggestions!

A while ago, I met & spoke with a Instagram friend of mine who’s profession, is a mindset coach & Work Sanctuary expert. That is literally what we all need right now isn’t it. Her name is Becky Stanton and if you aren’t following her, I would highly recommend you do.

“My top tip is to create a work sanctuary. A space that is 100% aligned with you and your work, free from distraction and designed to make you feel high vibe… The rest is habits & rituals to support this.” – Becky Stanton

Now I am fully aware we may not all have the space to have a “specific” home office to create your perfect sanctuary, or free from distractions. My own home office right now, is full of materials for a job which has been postponed due to the virus, the mess, is driving me insane as I am a neat freak. I keep finding myself re-arranging the mess every day or two, but there isn’t much I can do about that, not at this current time.

Below are some tips on how to try and create, a natural working from home environment, to help keep the distractions down to a minimum and hopefully keep everyone from going a little insane, during these difficult time.

1) Try to remove/minimise the distractions (i.e kids) –

It would be best if you could set a schedule that is going to work for the whole family. For the family to have activities at set times throughout the day, to keep them satisfied. Or tag teaming with your partner, if that is possible. Setting set times, when the children are going to be with you learning or baking (depends if you’re trying to keep the school structure), then times when they have “down time” with a movie for example. This should give you some time to focus your attention on work. Have you ever found, the more busier you are, the more productive you are? This is because you are in the swing! So if you are juggling children, but have to complete tasks for work – it could work in your favour. You learn how to manage your time VERY efficiently.

2) Keep to your normal routine –

As I have mentioned about, structure. This really is the underlying key, get up at your normal time, get the kids up at their normal time and start/finish the day as normal. Get dressed! Do not work in your pj’s! If you usually go to the gym on a Tuesday morning, then try to keep to that, either a home workout (can get the kids to join in too), or go for a walk outside.

3) It is ok not to work the whole 9-5 –

This is very different for a lot of people, and it is different from an office. However when you are at work, you aren’t working every single minute. You go and make a coffee/tea, you talk with your co-workers, you’re on the phone (even if it is work calls). What I am getting at here, is that you don’t have to feel guilty not being at your computer every second of the day. If you have the freedom of flexible working hours, it may be beneficial for you to work later (once the children are in bed for example).

4) Continue to eat healthy & exercise –

It is very easy to become a couch potato while working from home, you can go hours without eating or moving from your desk (this is more aimed at people without children). This goes without saying – this isn’t good! Try to either do some mild exercise from home, support a local personal trainer as plenty of these are now setting up online classes, or get out in the fresh air for at least 30mins each day. If you have phone calls to make, do them on your walk!

This is rather hard to type regarding the situation in the food shops, but try and eat healthy, don’t just grab a few biscuits with your coffee! You need all the vitamins from fruit & veg more than ever right now!

5) Transfer your commute time to intentional rest time –

If you usually have a long commute into work (anything from 30mins +), convert this into rest/you time. It is a very worrying time for everyone at the moment, we all need a little bit of extra loving and self care to get us through this. Take the time to mediate, read a book or story time, arts & crafts (I personally find painting so good for stress relief). This can also create a natural way of knowing the work day is either starting or ending, as your brain recognises the train/drive commute as the same.

6) The “To-Do” List –

This shouldn’t feel like a daunting task in itself, your to-do list for each day should only have three (yes three!) main priority tasks on it. Don’t set yourself up to fail by having a to-do list with ten or more items on, will you seriously get them all done? If you can, because they are small tasks (like each email to send is a new task), then great. Although if you aren’t superwomen, if you have a long list and don’t complete it, you will feel like you have let yourself down. Whereas, setting three, when you complete them you will feel much more empowered & won’t feel guilty about watching that movie with the kids. Roman wasn’t built in a day.

7) Don’t work in your bedroom or living room (if possible) –

Again in these circumstances, these might not be possible for everyone but if you can, try not to work in your bedroom (especially bedroom) or living room. If you work from your bedroom, your brain will start to associate that room with work and you may struggle to relax or even sleep come nighttime. The living room is full of distractions, you might think working from home is a time to binge watch the new season on Netflix, but it isn’t, it might be fine to indulge in this vice once, but it will catch up to you if you’re not careful.

8) Stay off social media apps –

During this time, most of us will want to be knowing the latest update but it will likely be doing us more harm than good. For one, we can end up scrolling endlessly and the time just disappears into a black hole! Another reason being, constantly keeping up to date with the latest, isn’t exactly keeping us positive! I will link a reason to this at the bottom.

Top tip for this – remove them from your browser shortcuts or quick access on your phone!

9) Minimise notifications –

This comes under minimising distractions really, but, turn off all of the notifications that you can on your mobile. Myself for example, I don’t have any turned on, its like an old mobile phone that only *pings* if someone is ringing me or a text. My boyfriend actually hides his in his draw while at work (out of sight, out of mind). This becomes very effective in also staying off social media apps. While you’re working, everything you need should be via the laptop/computer.

10) Pick a definitive finishing time each day –

It can become very easy to say “I just finish this” or “this is almost done”… and then it is 10pm! I used to do it all the time when I started Alice Molloy Interiors, you will end up burning out. You need rest time and it will enable you to wind-down for the evening. What ever you haven’t managed to get done that day, I am sure will be able to wait until the next.

As promised I mentioned in No:8 keeping up-to-date constantly with the news, may not be doing you any good. It isn’t exactly positive vibes currently and is making even the most upbeat people, feel anxious. Now I listen to a PodCast called ”

I do hope these have or may help you over the next few days/weeks. Please do follow my own Instagram.

Until next time

Alice Molloy


How to incorporate Classic Blue into your home. Pantone colour of the year 2020!

Hi Everyone, I know I am a bit late with jumping on the pantone colour of the year bandwagon, but it’s because I wanted to let all the hype die down before I done a blog about it. Now all of the manufacture’s know this is the colour of the year, there are some great pieces out there to buy, which will give you such an on trend talking point in your interiors.

Firstly, I need to say, I am a bit bias to classic blue, in fact, any shade of blue. It is my personal favourite colour and I do try to put it in, anywhere I can. The tones of classic blue have always been known for their calming attributes, when I think of blues, my brain automatically thinks of the sea, ocean, beach, water, rain… literally anything to do with water and I find all of them to be my relaxing/ stress relief key points (if only I lived near the beach!) Which in a way explains why I have blue as my accent colour in my bedroom, where I go to relax, de-stress before a good nights sleep, and then also in my office, where I to keep calm & (try) not to get stressed.

Below I have created two moodboards, one is how to incorporate furniture & decor into your interiors for this key trend. The other, is one of our colour moodboards, taken inspiration from a natural environment setting.

Now if you are on Instagram, as much as I am, you would of already seen the likes of Lydia Millen, who use dark blue in her home. Pictured in the image below from her grid (image is linked). The colour used here was Farrow & Ball – ‘Hague Blue’.

The above image of Stiffkey blue is the colour used in my office, along with ‘Elephants Breath’ to create a nice neutral & relaxed colour platte. That is how to corporate some classic blue elements into your interiors, whether you wish to go all out or only with a few key pieces. If you wish to have more information on any of the items in the moodboard, please do get in touch.

Until next time,

Alice Molloy Interiors